Kiko Pen Knife- Opinel Modification

Model Number 7. Lime Patina. Some funky file work and blade mod.
Schmucktelli Co Kiko paracord bead.


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Hammer Anvil RFID Wallet

Very impressed with the quality of this product for the price:


Let’s see how it holds up.

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Air Plant Obsession

So in my typical way of obsessing over new creative interests, I have been really getting into airplants.  Photographing them is a blast, and I can see a book coming out in the future. may  have a number of airplant posts.  Or possibly a new blog will arise.bath-aie-jlgphoto

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Cute Number 4 Opinelmod

First time working on a tiny Number 4 Opinel.  I made the tip blunt to be used a an emergency little flat head driver.   I will probably patina the copper chain.


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Copper Pencil Cup

Continuing my obsession with copper craft.  I made this pencil cup for my son on his 12th birthday.  Hand hammered, soldered, forced patina.  Exotic wood bottom. I then sanded it to show the raw copper and  sealed the patina with 3 coats of Everbrite.

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I Love Copper!

I have been working with copper more and more.  Sometimes I need to take a break from the Opinels and try something different. I started heating and hammering and drilling beads and little pry bars. I call these Apocalyptic Dog tags.

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My first binge on Opinel Mods

In 2014 I knocked off 11 finished Opinel Modifications


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Three Fresh Opinels Delivered

A number 10, 9, and 8 arrived.  Love the walnut for hand carving.


Number 10,9,8


Using my Flexcut mini pelican for some woodcarving on the handles.


Holding Table

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Forced Patina on a Mora Knife

New carbon steel Mora Blade.  I gave it a 3 hour white vinegar soak.


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Old Hickory Modification Part 3

This one is nearly finished.  The mosaic pins look great.  It has inspired me to try to make my own mosaic pins.  I’m sure I’ll have a blog post on that.  I haven’t quite gotten it razor sharp on my Lansky yet.  I will have to give a few more rounds.

oldHickory modoldhickmosaic1

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Old Hickory Modification Part 2

Worked the handle down to the pins.


I decided to cut a Kephart profile.



I’m going to patina the blade next and do some more handle shaping.


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Old Hickory Knife Modification getting very exciting.

On to step 2.  Got me a mosaic pin.  Learned a bit about the difference of hardened vs non-hardened steel.  Could NOT get the bit through the hardened side.  Went though the other side like butter.  Makes me feel good about the blade durability.


Drill bit got stuck here for a while. I decided to go through this hole with a smaller brass pin.  I hope it looks good.


Ready to glue



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Old Hickory Knife Modification

I love my Opinels, but I was feeling a bit guilty ignoring any USA made blades.Old Hickory Knives by Ontario Knife Company are a great way to start knife modding.They are inexpensive- buy a 2 pack on Amazon for under $25.029-jlgphoto-opinelmod028-jlgphoto-opinelmod027-jlgphoto-opinelmod026-jlgphoto-opinelmod

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Stag Antler Knife Mod

Here is something a little different for me. I have had these parts for many years. The blade was bought ground and polished. It is quite sharp. The knife came out beautiful. More of a decorative piece than something I will be using. I have no doubt that it would be a great camping knife.


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Snap Ring Pliers for Opinel Modifications

If you are getting serious about Opinel modding, then a pair of Snap Ring Pliers for under $10 is a great investment.


The pair I have came with an assortment of tips, however, I only use the bent tip. Sure, you can easily pry the Virobloc collar off, but why risk scratching the metal or somehow prying it in a way that damages its integrity.


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The Boxer | Opinel Modification No.7

The Boxer:  A No.7 Carbone.  It went through quite a transformation.  The hammered texture came as I tried to save a bad metallic silver paint job.  I carved the paint off with a Flexcut Mini Pelican knife.  Then I refined the texture with the Dremel.


Ebony wood stain and a coat of semi matt polyurethane.  Black paracord with a diamond knot.  One off Apocalyptic Dog tag copper bead.

Originally the tip wasn’t going to be so square.  I tried a few patina patterns.  The handle shrunk along the way.  I do use it everyday to open boxes. Instagram gave it some love.


I eventually changed the lanyard bead to a smaller, more squared shape.    I also wanted to show the little curve in the back of the handle,  so I went with the single strand instead of the full loop through.


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Opinel Modification Holding Platform | 7 Mods on Deck

So I usually don’t have more than 5-7 OpinelMods going at once. Some just seem to hang around a little longer until I fully commit to something. From left to right ( I am going to give them all names).

1. The Persain Dagger: Opinel No. 9 that I put these scales on. I got them at the only knife show I ever went to, about 14 years ago. They were black when I started, and now they are green after sanding. I am not really sure if they are supposed to be black or green. I am pretty sure this was a mediocre save of a botched job.

2. Onion Breath: Opinel No. 10 In my kitchen. It is now black handled and full black- out patina on the blade. My wife is allergic to onions. This is the only blade that I cut onions with when there is an onion emergency.

3. Evolving: Opinel No. 8 Ebauche. It has a mosaic pin and the shape is getting refined with hand sanding.

4. Opi-Opal: Opinel No.10. My sister has this in her kitchen on her yacht in Florida. It has a turquoise inlay that surrounds a real white opal that I ground into a mystical triangle shape.

5. Caroline: Opinel No.8 Olivewood Ebauche. This one has changed a lot. That back cutout gets another piece of exotic hardwood (don’t know what it is). I will probably give this to a mother at my son’s school. She is the only person at the Shabbat service that showed any interest in fine cutting utensils.

6. The Opi-Defender: Opinel No. 10. The defender is the evolution of the Opi-fighter after the back of it broke off. It is a nice size one handed work knife. Fits nice in pocket of my Knife & Flag apron.

7. Untitled for now. Not quite done with it. As of now it needs some minor refinements. Polished up the blade. I have used this around the studio. The size is really comfortable. Not a hard use knife, but very light.

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Opinel Modification on a No. 7

This little No. 7 is a useful pocket knife.  It has a nice big hole in the back that you can attach all kinds of cool lanyards to.  It is a great little box cutter.  The blade shape is somewhere between a Wharncliffe and a Sheepfoot.  It feels safer if you leave it open on a desk.



Blade Shapes


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Forced Patina on a Higonokami Knife

This was my first try at this.  I added nice patina to this brass Higonokami knife. Trying to figure out what to do with the lanyard hole. I really like the blue green that came out in the ammonia chamber.


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Opinel Modifications with Thumb Studs

I get a lot of questions regarding the thumb studs on some of my mods:

I order them from USAKnifemaker, along with some of the shields I use.

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