Old Hickory Modification Part 3

This one is nearly finished.  The mosaic pins look great.  It has inspired me to try to make my own mosaic pins.  I’m sure I’ll have a blog post on that.  I haven’t quite gotten it razor sharp on my Lansky yet.  I will have to give a few more rounds.

oldHickory modoldhickmosaic1

Old Hickory Knife Modification getting very exciting.

On to step 2.  Got me a mosaic pin.  Learned a bit about the difference of hardened vs non-hardened steel.  Could NOT get the bit through the hardened side.  Went though the other side like butter.  Makes me feel good about the blade durability.


Drill bit got stuck here for a while. I decided to go through this hole with a smaller brass pin.  I hope it looks good.


Ready to glue