Snap Ring Pliers for Opinel Modifications

If you are getting serious about Opinel modding, then a pair of Snap Ring Pliers for under $10 is a great investment.


The pair I have came with an assortment of tips, however, I only use the bent tip. Sure, you can easily pry the Virobloc collar off, but why risk scratching the metal or somehow prying it in a way that damages its integrity.


Dremel Dreams

An Openel Moder’s favorite tool could certainly be the Dremel.  I have had mine for years, it is a 5 speed corded model from the last century.  If I need a new one, I’ll  probably get the cordless.  I have a fair amount of accessories for it.  The little sanding drums are perfect for shaping the handles.  One of my best investments was the Dremel Multi-Vise   It can solidly hold the tool and allow you hold your knives with 2 hands.