Opinel Modifications with Thumb Studs

I get a lot of questions regarding the thumb studs on some of my mods:

I order them from USAKnifemaker, along with some of the shields I use.


“Opi-Defender” is born : Opinel Modification

The back of the “Opi-Fighter” broke off.  Good to know that now.  All I did was drop it on some concrete.  Re-worked it into the “Opi-Defender.” I like this tip better.  It’s like a little kubaton.opi-defender-jlgphoto.jpg

Intro to Opinel knife Modification: Part 1

Opinel knives are currently offered in eleven numbered sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13. The No. 1 Opinel was discontinued in 1932.

More History

The main sizes that I modify are 9, 10, and 12.

I find there is a little more meat on the blade and the handle to work with.  The No.12 is a beast.  Just the piece of steel is pretty impressive. I have not modified a N0.13 yet.

I have modded a couple of 7’s.

I like both the carbone and stainless blades.

When modding a carbone, there is an extra design element to play with in the blade patina process.

No. 10 “Opi-Fighter” Vinegar and Mustard Patina

The No.8’s that I modify are usually the raw handle Ebauche.

I have enjoyed working on a stock oak and walnut handle No. 8 also.

The oak  handle “Oliver Twist” is about to be the giveaway when I reach 1000 followers on BladeObsessionOne.


If you are buying your first Opinel, the classic No. 8 is always a great start.  It is their most versatile and most sold size. It will give you the appreciation of the design and quality of these knives. It is in the middle of all the sizes and is a perfect picnic or cheese knife. In my opinion, as far as a pocket folders go, this knife is one of the best tools you can buy for around $12.

I use a Lansky sharpener and I get my blades razor sharp.

For a really light blade, my favorite carry is a No. 6  with an olive wood handle.  The No. 6 is the smallest Opinel with the Virobloc locking design.

opinel-jlgphoto 151209
Opinel No.6 olivewood.

To be continued.

Dremel Dreams

An Openel Moder’s favorite tool could certainly be the Dremel.  I have had mine for years, it is a 5 speed corded model from the last century.  If I need a new one, I’ll  probably get the cordless.  I have a fair amount of accessories for it.  The little sanding drums are perfect for shaping the handles.  One of my best investments was the Dremel Multi-Vise   It can solidly hold the tool and allow you hold your knives with 2 hands.