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Kiko Pen Knife- Opinel Modification

Model Number 7. Lime Patina. Some funky file work and blade mod. Schmucktelli Co Kiko paracord bead.  

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Copper Pencil Cup

Continuing my obsession with copper craft.  I made this pencil cup for my son on his 12th birthday.  Hand hammered, soldered, forced patina.  Exotic wood bottom. I then sanded it to show the raw copper and  sealed the patina with … Continue reading

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Old Hickory Modification Part 3

This one is nearly finished.  The mosaic pins look great.  It has inspired me to try to make my own mosaic pins.  I’m sure I’ll have a blog post on that.  I haven’t quite gotten it razor sharp on my … Continue reading

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Old Hickory Knife Modification

I love my Opinels, but I was feeling a bit guilty ignoring any USA made blades.Old Hickory Knives by Ontario Knife Company are a great way to start knife modding.They are inexpensive- buy a 2 pack on Amazon for under … Continue reading

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The Boxer | Opinel Modification No.7

The Boxer:  A No.7 Carbone.  It went through quite a transformation.  The hammered texture came as I tried to save a bad metallic silver paint job.  I carved the paint off with a Flexcut Mini Pelican knife.  Then I refined the … Continue reading

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Opinel Modification Holding Platform | 7 Mods on Deck

So I usually don’t have more than 5-7 OpinelMods going at once. Some just seem to hang around a little longer until I fully commit to something. From left to right ( I am going to give them all names). … Continue reading

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Forced Patina on a Higonokami Knife

This was my first try at this.  I added nice patina to this brass Higonokami knife. Trying to figure out what to do with the lanyard hole. I really like the blue green that came out in the ammonia chamber.

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“Opi-Defender” is born : Opinel Modification

The back of the “Opi-Fighter” broke off.  Good to know that now.  All I did was drop it on some concrete.  Re-worked it into the “Opi-Defender.” I like this tip better.  It’s like a little kubaton.

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Stingray Opinel Modification with Mustard Patina

Opinel No. 8 ebauche. Mustard drops patina.  Stingray skin handle accent. Thumb post added for one hand opening.

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