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Kiko Pen Knife- Opinel Modification

Model Number 7. Lime Patina. Some funky file work and blade mod. Schmucktelli Co Kiko paracord bead.  

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Cute Number 4 Opinelmod

First time working on a tiny Number 4 Opinel.  I made the tip blunt to be used a an emergency little flat head driver.   I will probably patina the copper chain.

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Snap Ring Pliers for Opinel Modifications

If you are getting serious about Opinel modding, then a pair of Snap Ring Pliers for under $10 is a great investment. The pair I have came with an assortment of tips, however, I only use the bent tip. Sure, you … Continue reading

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The Boxer | Opinel Modification No.7

The Boxer:  A No.7 Carbone.  It went through quite a transformation.  The hammered texture came as I tried to save a bad metallic silver paint job.  I carved the paint off with a Flexcut Mini Pelican knife.  Then I refined the … Continue reading

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Opinel Modification Holding Platform | 7 Mods on Deck

So I usually don’t have more than 5-7 OpinelMods going at once. Some just seem to hang around a little longer until I fully commit to something. From left to right ( I am going to give them all names). … Continue reading

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Opinel Modification on a No. 7

This little No. 7 is a useful pocket knife.  It has a nice big hole in the back that you can attach all kinds of cool lanyards to.  It is a great little box cutter.  The blade shape is somewhere … Continue reading

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Forced Patina on a Higonokami Knife

This was my first try at this.  I added nice patina to this brass Higonokami knife. Trying to figure out what to do with the lanyard hole. I really like the blue green that came out in the ammonia chamber.

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Opinel Modifications with Thumb Studs

I get a lot of questions regarding the thumb studs on some of my mods: I order them from USAKnifemaker, along with some of the shields I use.

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Opinel Knives in Mid-Modification

A few favorites from last year.  The bottom one has changed quite a bit.  I’ll post a recent photo next

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The Reaper | Opinel Modification with a Bad-Ass Attitude.


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Opinel No. 12 Custom Wood Handle

Started my first No.12 mod.  Also just got this Mora carving knife.  Love it. Nice clean chips flying out of this handle.  The 12 is a nice piece of wood to dig into.

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The “Wizard” | OpinelMod

Coiling some copper wire around the citrine crystal.  I was going to wrap the bottom of the crystal in a thin leather strip.  I decided against it because I like the cold temperature of the stone and it conducts well … Continue reading

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The “OpiFighter”


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