Mora Knife Modification

I guess it isn’t really a mod, but actually a build.  I ordered some Mora blades on Amazon:

Mora Blades

Here is a little story board of a build.  I think it is ironwood, then a small piece of ebony and a copper spacer.  I put in a copper tube for a lanyard hole.  I normally would not put a lanyard hole in this, but I want to balance out the other copper.






The Boxer | Opinel Modification No.7

The Boxer:  A No.7 Carbone.  It went through quite a transformation.  The hammered texture came as I tried to save a bad metallic silver paint job.  I carved the paint off with a Flexcut Mini Pelican knife.  Then I refined the texture with the Dremel.


Ebony wood stain and a coat of semi matt polyurethane.  Black paracord with a diamond knot.  One off Apocalyptic Dog tag copper bead.

Originally the tip wasn’t going to be so square.  I tried a few patina patterns.  The handle shrunk along the way.  I do use it everyday to open boxes. Instagram gave it some love.


I eventually changed the lanyard bead to a smaller, more squared shape.    I also wanted to show the little curve in the back of the handle,  so I went with the single strand instead of the full loop through.